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On this page I would like to name all my friends and thank them for just being my friends though life so far.  If I missed you, I am very sorry.  Please contact me if I did.  Last names have been shortened to protect the guilty.

Dave F, Jon B (from home), Jon B (from Tech), Cassie D, Amanda B, Jessica E (my favorite online friend), jennaia_15, Andy (here at Tech), Mike M (great guy), Mike P, Hillary D, Ray (old clan leader) and Jess (his girlfriend), Willow and RedDw@rf (on ICQ), Nick S, Burcar, Dennis G, Tiffany (wherever you are), Jessica K, Kristi (my friend I date in my home town), Trista (my adopted sister), Nathan T (thanks for Total Annihilation), Ellen, Jason J (my best friend), Sara B (thanks for the dances), Jen R (a good friend), Jenni P, Adam T (thanks for the piano/guitar lessons), Jon S (THE James Bond), Greg J, Jim T (go trombones), Gene, Rusty and Kathy (real great friends), Amy, Chloe (go tubas!!), Tim (my real brother), Amanda P, Jess L (Jason's Jess), Mike L, Niki A, Kelly H, Brian L & Brent B (they are scary when around each other), Teresa V (euchre partner, and a good one at that), Theresa C, Jill and Dustin (thanks for the rides back home), and Rachel J.

Thank you!

~ Dan McD