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I have created a quote generator below. Hope you like it.

The world is at my hands.

My name is Dan, my friends call me Dermo, but you Internet people can call me Razor.  I am 19 (born March 8th) and I go to Lake Superior State University.  I am a purebred Yooper.  If you don't know what a Yooper is, go here to get all your questions answered.

This page was updated Monday, July 17, 2000 at 4:20 PM Eastren/Standard

Sorry about not updating lately. I will be sure to
work on a new layout soon. Also sorry about the flash intro.
I am constantly working on it to make it better, so don't tell
me, "Hay, that sux." I am going to take it off soon till I
finish it.
By the way, I see from the poll that guys don't understand
girls (4 to 1). Some guy must be smart, with one vite for
"yes, I understand them." Although their were only 4 votes,
so it wasn't a good representation. Hope to get this Flash
stuff down soon.

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