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A "true" blonde, mihoshi has a very powerful family. She has grandparents (her grandfather is the head of Galactic Police), parents and a younger brother. Her brother is an odd person with sister complex and her grandfather spoils her a lot. Her mother is a bit vacuous like Mihoshi. Many of her relatives work in GP. Mihoshi ties her hair in pony-tail even in the bath. This is because she will not remember anything while she is without it. Why? It cannot be revealed now. Mihoshi appeared in the lab when Washu was trying to collect Tenchi's sperm. Washu said, "Nobody shouldn't be able to enter so easily ...". Mihoshi is a genius of chance and she somehow found herself there when she had lost her way. Only Mihoshi can beat Washu. Mihoshi's ship functions as a mobile police station. Unlike other GP ships, it does not need recharge of energy or maintenance. That is, it has a self-evolving function. If you look closely, her ship has different shapes in the two episodes. The ship had evolved itself during the intervening period. Using this function, the ship keeps upgrading itself according to the latest information sent from the Headquarter, gathering resources from nearby planets or subspaces, as necessary. In this context, it is a living ship, similar to Ryo-oh-ki. Again this ship is an invention of Galaxy Academy. Why does only Mihoshi has got it? Because of her grandfather.