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She is the legendary demon who has been sealed in Masaki Shrine since ancient times. Awakened by Tenchi from 700 years of sleep, she is back in business with her magical powers. This head-strong and capricious girl has all the attractive qualities of a complete woman: She can move through solid matter, blow holes in the ceiling with her powerful blasts and even fly. As Washuu's creation, Ryoko can be described by her mother's favourite word: Perfect. The assault on Jurai by Ryoko and Ryo-oh-ki happened 700 years ago. Their objective was to steal the Tsunami unit, the origin of Trees of Imperial Family. They failed in the end. After all, it was far too reckless of them to dive into the Jurai's main star. Actually, it was Kagato who wanted the Tsunami unit, and Ryoko was simply following his orders. He thought that Tsunami possessed what he calls the Sacred Jewel of Universe, the biggest power in the universe. Incidentally at the time of the assault, Ryoko had all three jewels on her, which in turn proves the strength of Jurai's armed forces, who turned her away. When Ryoko was a space pirate, she was called "Devil of Destruction". "My dear Ayeka, I have to leave tomorrow and chase that Devil of Destruction." Why? Of course her enormous power was one reason, but the main reason was that she caused more damage by destruction than by robbery. For example, if she wanted a vase deep in a museum, she would just marched to it, paying no attention to (or not caring about) all other valuable things. There may have been planets that were willing to give up what Ryoko wanted just to avoid the collateral damage. But Ryoko would not take any notice and just go for her target anyway. She sometimes, restricted her power to make a robbery less easy and more enjoyable. Her fight with Tenchi was a mere child's play for her.