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Tenchi lives in a house with five women and has incredible Jurai powers. His grandfather is a crown prince, his father is a peeping tom, and things are always getting blown up around him. Yet through it all he still seems the same genuine person. Tenchi thought he was an ordinary Japanese student until one day strange women started dropping into his life - literally. Since then he's flown to distant planets, defeated powerful villains, and even traveled through time. Has altering the course of history changed him? Not really - he's still the same modest person, willing to accept life at face value and ready to help those in need. The discovery that he has Jurai royal blood has only reinforced his desire to live an ordinary life. Too bad his peace keeps being interupted by uninvited guests and all those women. He can use wings of the light hawk. He faces Kagato and defeats him with the help of the Jurai power. "The sword is only to pull out your power. Please believe in your own power". Tsunami touched Tenchi's forehead with hers, and a mark appears on his forehead. Tenchi and Tsunami's power resonate, and the emblem lights up. The emblem is called an 'Emblem of Power' and becomes visible when Tenchi uses Ko-Oh-Yoku.