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She is the source of Jurai Power. The only Ship in the Jurai Fleet abale to generate 10 Light Hawk Wings. Tsunami is over 128 times as powerful as Ryo-oh, who can only produce 3 wings. The wings do not absord or deflect energy they disolve it, this makes them virtually undefeetable. The Tsunami Tree is the source of all Jurai power. It's roots reach deep into subspace. There it absorbs great amounts of energy that can be used by the Jurain people. Tsunami is one of the three "Goddesses" that exist in Tenchi Muyo. The other two are Washu and Tokimi. Tsunami was referred as in many names in the series. Strongest Ship, Ship of Beginning, Secret jewel of universe, and Human version of Ryo-oh-ki. In the series it was said that Sasami also has part of Tsunami in her. The story goes like this. When Ryoko was under evil control and was attacking Juari, she fell in the room where the Tsunami Trees are grown. The tree noticed that she was about to die and therefore assimilated part of her in Sasami. The essence of Sasami is still there, but when Sasami grows old she will have great power and look like the image of Tsunami. She was afraid to tell her sister Ayeka, because she though that if the gang knew she wasn't really Sasami, they wouldn't like her anymore. But everyone made it clear that they like her for who she is.