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The Smartest Being In the Universe That is why it is so Perfect!! Washu was living in the graduate school of Galaxy Academy and kind of a leader among the graduate students. When Mihoshi broke the seal of Wasshu, she asked, "Are.., are you perhaps the girl Kagato kidnapped?". Then Wasshu showed for a moment an embarrassed expression on her face. When she was kidnapped, the graduate students told the police that a girl student was kidnapped as a joke. (Even though Wasshu was 10,000 years old.) So Wasshu's expression meant "Those bloody kids are...". The graduate students are very close to each other and so outrageous that nobody would lend place for the venue of their reunion. "I am Washu, a genius, the best scientist in the Universe" (ep.6) "That's because I am a genius scientist, the best in the Universe" (ep.7) Why does she declare so confidently? Because she is. What is her IQ? She is too talented to be measured by IQ. "Just as you are linked to Ryo-oh-ki, you are linked to me." (Ep.6 Wasshu) Washu and Ryoko are linked at spirit level by an astral link, which Kagato's seal could not block. The link between Ryoko and Ryo-oh-ki is also an astral link but it is much weaker. So there is no privacy for Ryoko. Washu's lab suddenly appeared beneath the staircase. How can such a big lab fit into a small space? Well, it is built in a subspace and consists of five planets! The main one at the center surrounded by the other four, which are linked by orbital elevators. Her lab was built long before she came to Tenchi's house. She just made a door to it. In Tenchi Muyo, the concept of subspaces is clearly established and very convenient.